Extended Schools

At Cheam Park Farm Infants School we have worked extremely hard to meet the governments’ Core Offer of Extended Services; a range of out of school activities, which provide services that support both children and parents’ learning and parents who wish to return to work.

The Core Offer of Extended Services is:

  • Wrap around childcare
  • Extra curricular activities
  • Parental support
  • Swift and easy referral
  • Community involvement

Wrap around childcare
Rainbow Risers is our very popular breakfast club. It is run by the school Monday to Friday term time only. Parents can bring their children to the breakfast club from 7.45 a.m. in Rainbow House. Rainbow Risers has 24 places.

Jancett Nurseries run the popular Chestnut Club (after school club) from 3.10 p.m. to 6.15 p.m. in Rainbow House term time only. Chestnut Club staff collect the children from the school at the end of the day and take them to Rainbow House. Chestnut Club has 16 places.

Extra Curricular Activities
The school offers a wide range of exciting and interesting clubs for the children to attend both after school and during lunchtime. Some of these clubs are free and are run by the teaching staff or outside coaches. These clubs vary from term to term but may include, ICT, Drama, Multiskills, Tennis, Art, Sewing, Football, Cooking, Bike and Recorder Club. There are also fee-paying clubs run by external providers on the school site. These include Spanish Club, Football, Funky Fitness and Monkeynastix Gym Club.

The staff at the school regularly review the clubs run at the school to ensure that they reflect and meet the needs of our children. All the children at Cheam Park Farm Nursery and Infant’s School will have the opportunity to access one or more of these clubs.

Parental Support
The school are continually looking at how best we can support the parents and carers of children who attend our school. We run parent workshops in subjects such as Literacy and Numeracy. Advice on how parents can support their child’s learning is given through literature, parent consultations and open evenings.

Additional support for parents is available through our Satellite Children’s Centre Services, which are run from Rainbow House on Wednesday mornings. Various activities are also planned during school holiday periods.

Swift and Easy Referral
By providing services such as the Nurse Drop in sessions in Rainbow House, the school aims to improve the access parents have to outside agencies, which offer support. The school readily refers to Speech and Language therapy, counselling services and educational support in discussion with parents.

Community Involvement
Through our Satellite Childrens’ Centre Services the local community have access to Child and Family Health Services, support for accessing work and researching training opportunities and social networking. We also provide a community letting to the Rainbows and Brownies.

This brief overview exemplifies just some of the exciting extended services we provide at the school. The staff and governors are continually monitoring and reviewing all the services we offer to ensure we meet the needs of our whole school community.

For further information on our Rainbow Risers Breakfast Club, Chestnut Club or the Stonecot and Worcester Park Childrens’ Centre please click on the tabs below. For information on clubs or workshops please read our news events and visit our electronic downloads under the information tab.