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Name: Georgia-Rae Moggridge

I also remember painting the rainbow on that wall and also remembering the coloured spots on the ground :( still miss u xoox

Name: Georgia-Rae Moggridge

Hi, I am now in Cheam High School and miss the infant and junior school sooo much there are loads of new teachers and some teachers hav left miss u all xoxoxo hope u remember me xoox

Name: abbie mead

hi all cheam park farm infants teachers missing u all so much espacially miss martin mrs francia and mrs ahnsen and of course mrs day im having a great time in year 5 soon im gong into year6 missing the school so much lots of love abbiexx

Name: Evie Smith - year three

Hi I wanted to say a big hello to all of the teachers at Cheam park farm infants. I miss all the teachers. And I go to after school club with lyn so if you come out early from school one day you might see me.

Name: Evie smith

Hi miss thorny craft I like my cheam juniors, but I wanted to see how you are? So how are you? From Evie xxxx

Name: Evie Smith

Hi miss thorndycraft I loved Italy And i miss you lots

Name: abbie mead

to miss martin i am now going into year 5 and im missing you so much you were my best teacher ive ever had missing you from abbiexx ps:dont forget me

Name: abbie

to miss martin you are the best teacher ive ever had!! miss you.

Name: chloe

hi do you rember me chloe o'donnell

Name: daehyun kim

hello~miss eyden~ i miss you and pink class a lot.

Name: Evie - Sapphire class

I miss Mrs Ashworth and Mrs Masskel EVEN THOUGH I'M STILL IN THIS BRILLIANT SCHOOL! :) :) :) :) :) :)

Name: Revd David Stephen Butler

Happy memories of my first school 1961-62 - Miss Mason, Headmistress, Miss White, Mrs Richardson, Mrs Baker - and the lesson of believing prayer...

Name: Georgia-Rae Moggridge

Im having a great year in year 5 my teacher is Mr Hopkins and the assistants are Mrs Marshall and Mrs Worsfold. My nan works at my school she is called Mrs Moggridge and if im unwell or worried I can just go to her. I have loads of friends and im really happy at my school.