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Supporting At Home- Reception


Home learning and reading:

In Reception home learning is set every Friday and is expected to be completed and handed in by the following Wednesday. The home learning is usually a consolidation of the week’s learning. Tasks set are often very practical at the start of the academic year, with children being expected to engage in some form of recording as the year progresses. The home learning covers a range of curriculum areas including speaking, writing, maths, creative, physical and many more.  Parents are invited to make comments to contribute towards the child’s home learning and this is marked by an adult in the class before the next weeks task is set.  Alongside the home learning children are given a lotto game to play. Lotto games focus on either sounds or keywords that the children have been learning and are a fun way for the children to develop their knowledge through recognition and matching. Lotto games need to be returned to school by the Monday to ensure that new games are set for the following week.


Each week the children in Reception are given 3 different reading books. There is an expectation that children read at least 3 times a week. Each time a child engages in a reading session at home, either being read to or reading to someone, this must be recorded in their reading diary. A record is kept how often children read each week.  If they read 3 times in a week they receive a sticker in their diary on a Friday. If a child reads each week for the whole term they are awarded with a reading certificate for their dedication and commitment towards reading.


On a Monday children receive an Oxford Reading Tree (ORT) book from scheme which is appropriate to their reading ability. This book must be retuned on a Friday.

On a Wednesday children choose a book from the class book corner which is often a story book for adults to read to the children. This book must be retuned on a Friday.

On a Friday children choose a book from a levelled selection of books. This book must be retuned on a Monday.


‘How you can help’ sheet and ‘what we have learnt’ sheet:

Before the start of each new term parents will receive a ‘how you can help’ sheet to introduce the new topic that the children will be learning. This gives you a selection of ideas and activities that you can complete with your children over the holidays to prepare them for the new topic. Activities may involve looking for topic related books, drawing a picture or a visit somewhere to collect leaflets to bring into school. We welcome any completed work to be sent into school to be displayed on the class topic boards. These sheets are email to parents on the last day of each term and can also be found on the website.


On the last day of each term you will also receive a ‘what we have learnt’ sheet. This gives you an overview of the terms learning that has taken place in all curriculum areas. This will allow you, should you wish, to continue this learning further at home. If you have any questions about either of the above please speak to your class teacher.


Outside each of the reception classes a ‘learning train’ is displayed and each week a summary is written up explaining the weeks learning and focuses.


Workshops and training:

Please see the ‘workshop information and useful guides’ section where a list of parent workshops are provided.


Resources to support learning at home:

Please find attached some useful resources that may support you and your child when learning at home.