Welcome to Stonecot and Worcester Park Sure Start Satellite Children’s Centre

A Sure Start Children’s Centre aims to bring together a wide range of services for children aged 0-5, and their families. The centres aim to make it easier for children and their families to access a range of services such as health, employment, childcare and family support closer to where they live.

The Stonecot and Worcester Park Sure Start Children’s Centre, is part of a hub and satellite model of delivery. This means rather than building a centre to deliver services from, a collection of professionals will be delivering services and information from existing locations, such as schools, health centres, voluntary organisations and libraries in the first instance.

The services available at each centre vary, but may include:

  • Child and Family Health Services – including health visitor services, breast feeding support, and post-natal support groups
  • Support for parents – including advice and support with parenting and information on accessing other local services such as childcare
  • Play and early learning activities
  • Help for parents to access work and training opportunities – with links to the local jobcentre plus and training

Every Wednesday morning here at the Rainbow House we will be delivering Children’s Centre Services. Currently we are offering:

  • Messy Play
  • Family Information Service Outreach Officer
  • Back to work help and advise Drop-in