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Year 2

Supporting at Home- Year 2


Home Learning and Reading:

In Year 2 home learning is set every Friday and is expected to be completed and handed in by the following Wednesday. It will contain a sheet giving you information about the learning in school and a home learning activity. The sheet will also contain a vocabulary column. This will give you important vocabulary that will be used in lessons during the following week. We do not expect the children to learn to spell these words; we would just like you to discuss them with your child to ensure they understand them.  The home learning is usually a consolidation of the week’s learning. The home learning covers a range of curriculum areas including writing, maths, science and many more.  Your child will be expected to complete the activity on the back of the sheet unless told otherwise. The activity will be divided into three sections. It is expected that every child will do the must activity. The should part will build upon the activity and the could will extend the children’s thinking in another direction e.g. English. We hope the children will enjoy the activity enough to complete all three parts. Parents are invited to make comments to contribute towards the child’s home learning and this is marked by an adult in the class before the next week’s task is set.


In Year 2 children are given the opportunity to choose a reading book appropriate to their level and they are expected to change their book once they have finished it. There is an expectation that children read at least 3 times a week. Each time a child engages in a reading session at home, either being read to or reading to someone, this must be recorded in their reading diary. A record is kept of how often children read each week.  If a child reads 3 times in a week they receive a sticker in their diary on a Friday. If a child reads each week for the whole term they are awarded with a reading certificate for their dedication and commitment to reading.


Workshops and training:

Please see the ‘workshop information and useful guides’ section where a list of parent workshops are provided.


Resources to support learning at home:

Please find attached some useful resources that may support you and your child when learning at home.